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Quilting using CL


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My three friends and I get together monthly (or more often) to make quilts.  We've been choosing a pattern and we all make the same one using personal choices for color and fabric (one chose Christmas fabrics).  We recently did a Judy Niemeyer pattern called "Tropical Sundance".  Since I own the LA we quilted on my machine.  I make them quilt their own with my supervision.  We use Michael's Circle Lord boards because frankly, they're the fasted, easiest way.  The girls love their quilts afterwards and feel such a sense of accomplishment that they made the "whole" quilt. 


I'm going to try to post pics of all four of them if the size limit will let me.  The three batik ones used the CL board "Jester" and the Christmas fabric one used "Milky Way".  None of these have the binding finished yet, but you get the idea.  We usually try to do a pattern we've never done before so we "learn" something.  Two of the girls had never done any foundation piecing so this took everyone out of their comfort zone and we learned.


It was a lot of fun.

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This is our next project.  I chose this one because it's fall colors which I love and will be almost completely cut out with the AccuQuilt so they get to learn how to do that.  Plus I'm enlarging the quilt size so they learn how to do that too.  One of the girls was toying with the idea to do this one in Christmas fabrics too and when I quit laughing she decided to go with the fall colors...lol.


The pattern is called Square Dance and I tried to find it for free and couldn't so I had to buy the whole kit which I HATE then a week later I found the site where it is free.  Shaking my head here.  I'll look where I put the site and post it in case it interests anyone.  We're going to use our leftovers for the second leaf quilt.  Another free pattern.  Can anyone tell that I'm in the mood for fall?


Pattern is on the Benartex site for free. http://www.benartex.com/fabric-gallery.html/?is_free_pattern=1&limit=all&studio=469

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