Loading large quilt tips?

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Depends on how much quilting there is.  Normally I start and finish an entire section before I roll forward however if there are going to be some dense quilting areas and I'm worried about it pulling in too much I would do some of the stitching, pin the snot out of it and roll forward to the next section.  When I get to the bottom I would finish the bottom and roll back toward the top.  I never float my tops I always use the upper bar to load my quilt.  Also on the backers for king quilts as I load them I roll them onto the take-up bar, then onto the back bar, then back one more time because I find that with that much fabric it can stretch out of shape a little and I don't want to get any sagging.  If I load it nice and tight and flat I won't get the sagging that can happen with the bigger backs.

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I float the top and batting only. I ditch almost every one of my quilts; and baste down the sides as I go. After the "bones" are ditched; and all four sides are basted, then I move onto the more custom quilting. I have done less than 10 pantos in my time, and those were basted on the sides as I rolled down and then basted the bottom edge before stitching out the last row. This works for me; I tried various ways; don't be afraid to experiment and find what you like best. We all do things a little differently and there is no wrong or right; just what works for us individually!

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Thanks everybody!  I usually float mine - I feel like there is too much tension if "I" use the take up roller in the front.  :) It's a panto (not a simple one but not too dense) and solid white front & back for this customer so nowhere to SID or do other "tacking" type stitches.   I think I will float it like I normally do.  I've noticed with the denser quilting that I should baste even smaller pieces before hitting up the dense quilting - so that makes sense for those who mentioned it.

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