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Ellie and Squeak

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Thank-you Diane that means a lot to me The mouse was something I added to the elephant I usually add or change something to make it my own and unique. this was a fun project for sure.

I even went to find the pattern, but too much on my plate right now to make it.  Would love to hang this in my family room.

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WOW Terry!!! Your quilting really brings that quilt alive!!! If you ever run out of room for that quilt I have a place for it. ;)

Ya you and the 57,000 people who have looked at it on my Facebook page Liam. I am very pleased with my Bohemian quilting...That is what I am calling itI am starting a new style ...Ya Me

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 Cagey I am sure modern quilters love that elephant in those colors

I had to look past that and put my scrappy twist on it.

I love mixing different color prints together that people say don't go together and make something beautiful. 

I have made an orange one for myself I shrunk it down in size to be able to display it where I want. He is on my long arm right now 

He is bright and beautiful. I will post him soon. 

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Catherine, my wife since... 1974, loves this éléphant. She is a passionnante quilter with 20 yearling of expérience. She speaks French and... but no English. She wants to buy the sewing pattern. How do we have to proceed ? i will assist her. Sincerely. Jean-Pierre

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