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I have decided to use up my stash before buying new fabric. I know, I've lost my mind....after all, quilters just do not think like this, let alone type it out for all to see.....in writing!!   I st

Here is a pic of a Stash Buster quilt three of us; my Sister-In-Law and LisaE. made as a New Year's Challenge. We cut them out together just after New Years and each completed on their own as we all l

SUCCESS, drove past my favorite quilt shop and did not stop although the temptation was great.

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Mary Beth

I used to work with a woman that "went to the gym" one or two nights a week, after work. What she really did was shop at the mall and her purchases were transported into the house via gym bag. Also back in the days before debit cards when we all used checks I had a friend that would write the name of a specific grocery store in place of the quilt shop. She didn't shop at that grocery store so knew exactly what the purchases were but she passed all audits from her hubster :).

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