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Scrap Stash Swap -- Interested?

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I was recently on a thread about Stash Busting, which started me thinking..... (trouble in the making, I know)


I have a ton of scraps that I use to make scrap quilts.  The problems are that (1) my scrap pile never goes away, (2) my scraps don't change that much from one quilt to the next, and (3) I'm tired of looking at and using the same scrap fabric over and over again. 


So, would anybody be interested in doing a "clear out my scraps and trade with someone else" fabric swap? 


Here's what I had in mind. 

1.  Fill a one gallon bag with scraps of good quality fabric.  Can be various sizes, shapes, etc., but the smallest piece should be at least a 2" x 4" piece.  Hopefully, most pieces in the bag will be larger more usable pieces. 

2.  Weigh the bag after you have filled it.  You should have at least one pound of fabric in your bag (could be more).

3.  Let me know you're ready to swap (IM me your mailing address). 

4.  I'll send you the mailing address of someone else who is participating in the swap.

5.  Mail your fabric directly to the address I give you.

6.  Receive your new fabric from another swapper (may or may not be the same person you sent your fabric to).

7.  Smile, grin, oooh, aaaah, giggle, and imagine how you can use the new fabric. 


Any takers?


We could collect names/addresses now and then at the end of the month or first part of November, I could send you the name/address of someone you would send your fabrics to.  Someone else in turn would get your name to send fabrics to you.  If you wanted to do more than one gallon bag, you could swap with more than one person.  Who knows what you could end up with. 



Send me your mailing address no later than end of October.

I'll send you a mailing address to swap with the first week in November.

Mail out your fabrics no later than week before Thanksgiving.

Get your fabrics shortly after Thanksgiving.

Have your new quilt finished before Christmas.  (just checking if you're paying attention)  :lol:

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{heavy sigh} ..... I thought surely there would be someone out there with as many scraps as me and would want to trade.  Alas, no takers. 

THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT --- I WENT OUT AND BOUGHT FQS (100s of them on sale).  Urg.....really didn't need any more fabric. 

My rationale for buying these FQs is that I needed more variety in my scrap stash and since no-one wanted to participate in this swap, I HAD to buy the FQs.  See, it really was your fault (lol).  At least that is the story I'm telling my family!

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Lora, I don't want to deal with scraps, but we did have a very successful fat quarter swap of oriental fabrics last year.  You might think about that.  A layer cake swap would be fun too.  I'd even like a charm swap.  I participated in an "I Spy" swap a while back too.  The squares had to be 4½ inches.  I wouldn't do that again, but I would do a true charm of 5 inches.  Something to think about.

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