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Bobbin Cam for sale

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Hi Everyone.


I have finally installed Quilt Path after many years of 'thinking about it'. I removed my Bobbin Cam system as I don't think I will need it anymore - and there just wasn't room for two screens on top of my Millie!


This is the original Bobbin Cam that I purchased through Sparrow Studios about 3 years ago. It comes with 2 cameras and everything you need to set up including the instructions. You might need to add some double sided tape to mount the camera as the tape adhered to my machine when I removed it. And you might need some extra industrial velcro tape to mount the cameras. These are things really that can't be used twice, and they are easily found at a hardware store.


The original price was $245. I'm asking $75 (plus shipping). Below is a picture of it in use on my machine.


At this time I will also be selling much of my beloved Circle Lord collection of tools. I have several giant boards and several smaller design boards. If you are interested, send me a note and I will send you a link to my complied list once it is ready. Prices will be about 1/2 of the current retail price. 


Thank you,








2009 Green Millennium with Quilt Path

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