Sue Steffen

Ken Quilt Princess Mid-Arm + lots of extras $6,395 (price reduced)

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Ken-Quilt Princess Midarm Quilting Machine $6,395.00

***free delivery within 100 miles of 63012 (Barnhart, MO)***


Throat size:  22" from needle to back of throat and 11 1/2" from bottom to top

Hopping foot is centered to the needle for accuracy

Extra large "M" steel bobbins (40 included, some already wound in various colors)

Focusing & dimmable laser light stylus

Front rotary tension assembly

13" fluorescent light over needle area

Adjustable foam cushion grips on front & back

Side clamps with Velcro leaders

Sealed ball bearings & oil-impregnated bronze bushings to allow for minimum oiling

Top mounted motor: 2.12 Amp, 148 W, 3400 RPM

Speed control knob for manual quilting mode (front & back)

IntelliStitch (I/S) stitch regulator (front & back)

Acetyl wheels with sealed ball bearings on cross track & head

12' table with 3 rollers & canvas leaders

Single stitch, needle up/down, basting stitch

Sewing machine oil

2 spools of machine quilting thread

Instruction book


This machine is five years old.

Used in my home for my quilts, friends' quilts & donation quilts.

Well-maintained & clean.

Went to local sew & vac for PM August 2016.


***Sorry some of the pics are sideways. I'm better at quilting than I am at desktop publishing. If you need pics, let me know.

Thank you for looking.


KQ back.jpg

KQ front.jpg

KQ left.jpg

KQ light.jpg

KQ right.jpg

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Sue - hello!  I have emailed you at  I know that post was almost a year ago but I am hoping you can help me out with trying to find a Kenquilt Princess longarm quilting machine manual.  I purchased a  Kenquilt machine from a dealer as a trade-in which is identical to that you were selling and noticed that you have a manual for that machine.

If you do indeed still have a manual, might you be kind enough to send me a picture of the threading diagram as well as information about maintenance. 

If you no longer have that machine but might know where I can find a manual, it would be most appreciated if you could message me as well!  My email is  Thanking you so very much in advanced.


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