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Terry, I'm always so disappointed when I'm on my lunch hour here at work (as I am now), entertaining myself with this forum.  I want to see your beautiful work but there are so many filters on our computers that I can't see them.


So . . . . as soon as I get home you know where I'm headed!  I'm sure I'll be as impressed as always.  ;)  :D  :P

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Amazingly creative, Terry.  Even in just a few months, I've come to look forward to seeing your work.


But now I'm wondering.  I looked up Lousana, AB on my map - a small place about halfway between Calgary and Edmonton.  (Been to both of those places.)  So in a small place, where do you get these customers who do such great piecing?

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I have amazing customers from all around me I am in a farming community and do some work around my area but I also sew with a group about an hour south of me and they are beautiful quilters so get many from them and I also joined the Red Deer guild the city in the middle of Calgary and Edmonton we are a guild of about 90 members and am getting more of them coming to me now . I learn every time I long arm things and many of my customers allow me to  bring their pieces to life. I enjoy the freedom they give me. I do have some amazing piecers I am blessed Eric.

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