Stick a fork in me....I'm done!

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Saundra, you took the words out of my mouth....not only did I fall off the wagon, it rolled right over me. However, I will say that I have 3 completed quilt tops that needed backings. This store sells backings for $7.00 a yard. Can't beat that with a stick. I bought backings for those quilts. Then I found out a couple of years ago that I will be a great grandma in May....yes....I am trying to keep up with Loretta Lynn. Anyway, I bought the backing for the baby quilt, and some fabric to use for the top....I already have most of the fabric for the top. So see, I really "needed" this fabric!

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I can't spend the money on wine, chocolates, dining out, gas to go out, cards or anything else at this point!!!! All that money has to go toward supplies. Did I mention that the Quilted Pineapple rulers came today. Yeah, I beat DH home from work. My tires squeeled turning onto our street. I think I am set now. I have decided on a bidness name....because someone here is "Enchanted Quilting" I think....and that use to be my business name. But that all good....I think I have thought up a great name, but do not want to say what it is yet. Then there is the Tax ID.....then......ugh.....keeping track!!!!

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