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Hi its me again and I have one more question for all of you experts out there.


I own a Millie and have only the original hopping foot (closed high profile).  Considering purchasing the others.  I do freehand and ruler work but also own an IQ and do computer work as well.


In your opinions do you change your feet frequently?  What are your favorite feet?


Thanks for your advice.


Warm Regards,

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I bought the two low profile feet for my Mille and I use them both. I do a lot of ruler work with the original hopping foot and then for detailed work I use both the open toe  "Sneaker" foot and the closed toe "Flip Flop" foot;   I like low profile feet for detail work.  I did not purchase the Clog foot; and do not miss it. These were a good purchase for me.

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I bought the set as I liked the little case they came in and I really didn't know what foot I would like best....I have a lot of feet for my DSM and figgered I would continue that tradition with Lucey.  Anyway, I use the open high profile one a lot as I can see better than using the closed and still use ruler's from the sides and back.  Lin

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