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I am totally stymied and frustrated!!!

I have taken out all the stitches I can stand.

I don't know how well you can see the star but it has a looping cc around the edge and another in the center with curved crosshatch in corners. But the Courthouse steps are making me crazy! I don't like anything I put on them.

Can somebody help me?

Thanks in Advance!!



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Take a look at the "Eye Candy" on The Quilted Pineapple website. She has some great ideas. Pinterest is a great resource too. I like the idea of feathers too. I saved your picture and tried to use it in Paint to draw and then repost....but seriously....who am I fooling....I can't draw. I can only see it in my own head. So frustrating.

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I so feel your pain! Do you have a plexiglass panel for sampling? You can use a whiteboard marker on it to try ideas. Much easier to wipe off the marker than removing stitches. (Put blue painters tape around the edges so you don't mark on the actual quilt. )


Yes I do and I used the plexiglass each time i thought I like it but on the quilt not so much

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Thank you for all the replies. I should have mention this is a no "feathers" quilt!

I looked at the "eye candy" I will keep that bookmarked thank you.

I like the scrolls it goes along with what I did on the star block.

I love this forum everyone is so helpful! Thanks for your quick response!

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