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Silver metal flecks on quilt top

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You by chance are not using a metallic threat are you?  If not, I would collect the flacks with a magnet so you can look at it more closely.  If the flacks are not attracted to the magnet, it may help guide you to its source.  What color are the flecks?  Check your needle.  While there may not be any noise, the needle may be rubbing and the finish may be rubbing off.  You may need a thicker less bendable needle for that panto if that is the case, or slow down in the area where you found the flecks.  Lastly, check the quilt top to see if the flecks came from a totally different source, and are just on the quilt top.  Maybe you are noticing them only because you are checking your quilting jot, and they were on the top the entire time since you placed it on the frame.  Once you have the metal flecks in hand, give APQS a call, and let them guide you to their source if they wert not originally on the quilt top.  Best of luck to you finding the source.  Let us know how things turn out.



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