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2015 George Sit-down Quilting Machine

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My George sit-down mid-arm quilting machine is almost new and in mint condition. It was purchased brand new in Jan. 2015, but only has a few hours of use on it (10 or less hours). These quilting machines have a wonderful reputation for their versatility and durability.  I still have the original box that the George was delivered in. It also has 3 extra feet, and lots of extra bobbins. This machine also comes with the table it's mounted on. The table is big and accommodates large quilts well. The table legs are adjustable in height so you can adjust it to where it's most comfortable for you to quilt.


The reason I'm selling my George is because I'm seriously considering moving up to a long-arm machine, but I'd need the money from the sale of the George to be able to get the long-arm.  


This George is timed for Schmetz 70, 80, and 90 needles.


I am asking $6000 OBO for my George, which is a great price for this new of a machine with so few hours on it.  


I live 130 miles N/E of Phoenix, AZ.  If you're interested, please contact me and I'm very happy to work things out with shipping costs (50/50 perhaps?), or if you're within driving distance, I'll meet you halfway too!





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