SOLD! 2008 Millie with Bliss for sale in NC - Price reduced

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2008 Millie with Bliss for sale in Raleigh, NC

I am a dealer and am selling my 2008 Millie to upgrade to a new Millie30.  


2008 Millie with Bliss

  • Quilt Glide
  • Power Fabric Advance
  • 12 foot Bliss table - upgraded to Bliss last year
  • Turbo winder
  • Hartley Base
  • New split shaft hopping foot - you can use interchangeable feet with it.  :) 
  • Recent spa treatment


Reducing price to $11,000


This is my personal machine and can be test driven by appointment.  Call the APQS Raleigh showroom to set up a test drive!



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Hi Jeanne,


I know we emailed about this too, but I thought I would post it here too in case anyone else has the same questions.


Bliss is a upgraded carriage and rail system.  It replaces the wheels that would normally ride between the carriage and the rails with a metal dowel rod that runs the length of the frame and a narrow carriage that has metal ball bearing instead of wheels.  Because you are running metal on metal, it reduces frixion and make it easier to move the machine.  There are still wheels on the head that ride on the carriage. 


Quilt Guild is a supplement to your stitch regulator.  It helps when you are doing small fill work by smoothing out the motor and making it easier to do the fill work. It means that you can do the fill work using the Stitch Regulator instead of using Manual Mode. 

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