Had to race for home after work

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Nether-in-law:  We just came in from the garage where I have 2 treadles and a couple of other machines.  They would need some work to get them up and going, but if you are interested at all let me know.  I really don't want to move them, and hate to just put them in the trash. I'm located right on I-35 at Cameron, Missouri so you may likely be going right by my house!   My name is Mary Beth, too!

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Mary Beth(s), if you each would be able to PM me with your phone numbers I will see if anything works out.  We will have opportunities different times to be running on I-35.  One of our trips I did get to stop at Crossroads Quilts in Cameron and this time I need to do a Hamilton stop.  I'm looking for a white and green (real leave shades) stripe for a DWR I have been asked to make.


Time for me to go load Lucey with the 3 year old grandaugther's quilt.  Hope I get it done tonight!  At least the business work is done for this order timeline.

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