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I can't tell you how to adjust for two layers of WnN, but even one layer is too heavy for me so I expect that two will be really heavy.  Is the customer wanting the very flat, crinkled look, or is definition of quilting the desire.  Would a layer of wool fit for the job?  I really like wool and others have mentioned a layer of cotton with a layer of wool on top for wallhangings and definition of quilting.

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I have used double batts of 80/20(cotton/poly) or 100% cotton with a wool overlay but also have used 80/20 or bamboo cotton with a overlay of poly. Warm and Natural batting is not my favourite because it is so dense and heavy. I've had several customers bring W&N batting that was so full of seeds/ debris it was breaking the thread.  If the goal is to produce a warm lofty quilt, then I recommend a batt of 80/20 or bamboo with a layer of Hobbs polydown or Legacy Pellon poly overlay.


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