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Looking for pantographs 4Sale

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Hi Juststitchin,


I have had Lucey for a while but really hadn't used pantographs....I just picked up a pack at the QuiltedJoy website for "newbie longarm quilters" There were four in the pack so you might want to check them out as they were selected with us newbie pantograph folks in mind.  lin

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yes I think doing everything freehand is fun.....but....I think I need to build up some muscle memory and also to get used to making different shapes and stuff...so I am trying out some pantographs.  I have been free motioning everything for a while but thought I would give the pantographs a try especially for those busy overall pattern quilts that you really don't see much of the quilting anyway...just think it is a good skill to have in your pocket especially if you don't have a computer on your machine.  The first one I did on a practice piece of fabric turned out wonderfully soft and flexible as it wasn't as dense as I normally do...I have to say, I really did not love the quilting pattern on that one...but the feel of the practice piece was wonderful.  I am going to try a different on next time and I have a busy lap quilt I picked up on a shop hop to try it on.  I do think though that too much pantographing might get a bit boring after a while.  Lin

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