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Design Question What's the rule?

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So I'm not asking this in terms of "Quilt Police" rules.  It's more of a design or aesthetically pleasing to the eye kind of question.  

The quilt I just finished I did a lot of cross hatching.  And I did different sizes in different spots.  I think it turned out OK but I'm wondering if theres some thought about how many different sizes or if the spot touch each other should they be the same ...?  Design is my biggest challenge so wondering if anybody has anything to say about this?  That is if it makes any sense to any one but me! :unsure:

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First of all, your quilt looks really good. I was afraid to look at it after your first post, lol.

Second, not sure how you decide what to quilt, but for me, if I hang the quilt top on a design wall, or someplace where I can see it while I am working, the quilt will "speak" to me. Not literally, so don't think I am ready for Bellview. I just mean it hits me!! I can really see what I need to do. If you are quilting for customers, then when you load a quilt on your machine, put the next one on the wall, and just gaze at if from time to time while working on the one on your frame.

Last, design inspiration is key. If you ever go to Pinterest, then set up a page for Longarm Quiltting or whatever you want to name it. Then just do a search. If you have a particular quilt you need help with, search the pattern name. You will find a weath of information and pictures to help you with ideas. I love Pinterest.

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I don't do a lot of cross hatching so I'm no expert, but when I do, I try and scale the cross hatch to fit the space that I'm filling.  Big space, large cross hatch, smaller space, smaller cross hatch.  That being said, I don't think I'd use more that three sizes on the same quilt.  Hope this helps you work out your style.  Jim

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