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First of all, let me thank all of you posters of helpful advice and encouragement I've been reading on this forum! I've spent the last few days setting up my new Lenni, trying out the bobbin winder and today installed the Leader Grips. I've just cut up some old sheets to make up a quilt sandwich to load up tomorrow and give it a whirl. I'm struggling a bit with my decision to make the leap from my Sweet 16 Sitdown that I attained a certain amount of confidence with, completing the entire quilt process, wondering what I've gotten myself into. So far the machine is stitching well for me - just stitching the leader grip pockets.... I do remember having to work thru a learning curve with the Sweet 16, and I hope I can get as comfortable with the Lenni and the whole longarm experience. It all seemed like such a good idea at the time! Just feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment. Thank goodness for these great forums, bloggers and YouTube videos!!


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First off Kathy I would like to congratulate you on your Lenni purchase and welcome you to the APQS family.  When I went from a sit down machine to a long arm there was a learning curve for sure, but after PPP I was glad I made the switch and wished I made it sooner. My advice is to PPP and have fun, don't be afraid to try new things. Post pictures of your progress (we all like pictures), doing so makes it feel we are right there with you as you progress. If you ever have questions or need advice the forum members are so helpful here.

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Welcome to the family.  Looking at your pictures, I questioning your guest room sheet selection.  Though concerning your quilting skills, I believe you are way ahead of a normal beginner.  Your pebbling, feathers, ribbon candy, and everything else look outstanding.  I expect you will soon be posting pictures of quilts you have finished that will be impressing and inspiring all of us.  Outstanding practice session.  Keep up the great work.



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Welcome, congrats I also have a Lenni,  and to me, when I began quilting on my dsm,  with the quilt on

a little frame it took a while that I wasn't moving the fabric, just the machine.  that helped when friend Heidi

also got a converted long arm, it was wild to have that much room to move the machine.  When we both

came to APQS and bought our machines, only mine was a Lenni,  that was the best thing either of us did.

"She took off, and you've seen her work -Quilting Heidi -that is.

We love our machines, and the service.


APQS is the best.    The Quilt Path is my next goal.


I'll be selling my Side Saddle in a few weeks, and that will give me a good start.

Enjoy your machine and the forum



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I have to agree with DeLoa Jones, as I find that my quilting improved quicker once I started applying the quilting to a real quilt. It forced me to work on my control so i could actually accomplish the result I wanted on a quilt. A practice piece is great for getting used to the motion and feel of stitching and working out tension issues, but a real quilt provides structure to your practice beyond that. When I started FMQIng I either made up a small pieced quilt or took a solid piece of fabric and drew out a bunch of areas of various shapes to practice on.

Thank you all for your encouragement!

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