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breaking thread on top

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More details are needed to help pin point your problem.


when the top thread is breaking is the bobbin thread still intact?

how often is the thread breaking every so many inches or perhaps a couple of times across the quilt.

what type of thread are you using? varigated thread requires a very loose upper tension.

How's the weather where you live? the weather can affect the thread that you use.

Do you have a Towa tension gauge? to check the bobin tension?


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Hi there,

you may not realize it but you are in the USED QUILTING MACHINES part of the chat group. That's OK, but you may want to post in the troubleshooting /problem areas for more people to help.


That said. Describe exactly what

machine you have

size needle - and you've change it twice? right? and put it in correctly...... if you are a new long armer... the needle shanks are round and if you put it in backward... you will have nothing but problems (try putting your shoe on backwards - GRIN).

Describe exactly what kind of thread you are using

Top and


Cone or spool.

What are you stitching on.......

Describe your fabric,batting, fabric... sandwich.

Also, have you had classes to use your machine?

Where and how many hours?


help is available here at the chat groups.. but you need to give out factual information... for us to accurately diagnose... the problem.

and don't forget to BREATH... almost everyone has these sorts of problems at first......... so they can be over come.


Jane in Austin.

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Make sure there isn't any thread wrapped around the hook assembly. Take a flash light to see better behind assembly. I had the same problem and found a piece of thread caught. I needed a pair of hemostats to pull it out.

Call APQS...that is what they are there for if you can't resolve the problem

I was told it was the cone of thread...sometimes that does cause problems. I have been quilting for 4 years and never had cotton thread create this problem except for Alex Anderson's thread. I can't get that to run on my Millie, but a friend has great success. Some say to put the cone of thread in the freezer or to spray with silicone. I always have this problem with Highlights and Rainbows by Superior. They will sew for awhile then break, even if I am using a larger needle. I don't use them, but others have success.

Good luck.

Cheryl Mathre

Stone Creek Quilting

Sandy Hook, VA

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