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Ink on Quilt

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I can't believe I did this  - I accidentally put a 3 inch long ink mark (from a blue ink pen) on my quilt fabric (light yellow).  I didn't want to try and take it out until I got some recommendations on what to use.  If anyone has taken ink out successfully, please share your secret.    Thanks for any tips.....Mercedes

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I was sure glad to have this information on Sunday. Wore a white vest to the grocery store and got ball point pen marks on it (gotta cross those items off the list!). Took the marks off easily with rubbing alcohol, threw it in with the white dress shirts, wash and dried just fine, the marks are gone! But wait, there is a new mark, and another! I had forgotten to take the pen out of my pocket and now have blue ink marks all over the shirts, too! Aaarrrrgghh

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