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PUGGLES quilt is finished and I got paid.

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My borther's friend asked my brother if I would make a pug quilt for his wife.  It measures 74 by 66 and I'm not sure how you price a quilt.  


I found a pug that measured 18 by 22 inches and was disappointed when it arrived as an 8 by 10 inch pug centered on an 18 by 22 inch piece of Kona cotton.  I cut the center 16 by 20 inches and made the design so I could quilt the words on it.  I also purchased six inch pug squares for the border as spacers so I could quilt PUGS LOVE HUGS on all four sides.


I machined stitched the binding on the front and the back.  Then I placed a sleeve on it so it could be hung.  Hobb's 80/20.  I purchased all the fabric and batting.  How do I charge for the quilt?


Thank you for all your suggestions.  The next time I'll have a better idea how to handle this.  


30265147804_e79a80bd4f.jpgPuggles by Libby G, on Flickr


30808868441_d8a7ba46ab.jpgPuggles (2) by Libby G, on Flickr



30261729283_006fe81cf9.jpgPuggles (6) by Libby G, on Flickr

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Fabric cost, which is up to you. I would take into consideration any shipping and the time it took you to find it. Then, I have determined I will quilt by the hour. I know how much I want to make an hour so that is what I would shoot for. I decided to do this, because it never failed that someone would drop off a wonky quilt, with wavy borders, and too much fabric in the center....way too much work for me to fix at .02 or .03 per square inch.


My thought on the per hour fee. You have taken classes to help you get where you are today. You have the machine and the tools. You have the experience. If you were to hire someone to come in and do a specialty job in your home, say a tile setter, you would pay for it. We need to think of ourselves in the same way. We really don't make enough money.


Just for fun, figure how much you would charge by the square inch, if that is your normal way to charge. Then think up a hourly fee you feel you would like to make, then figure it that way. Then look at the difference.


This is just an idea, I don't know where you live, or what the quilters around you are willing to pay. Just a thought.

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