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Quilt Path Videos or Tutorials

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I am a new QP owner.  Got it last month.  Since the time I got it, I have watched ALL the Youtube videos available many times.  I have read all of Thread Waggles written tutorials.  I have copied all of the manual and read through it.

I have uploaded QP to my laptop.  I have read for many hours and taken notes.  I have used it on two quilts and a plain muslin.


Still, I find a lot of information VERY lacking.


For instance:  "Placement Methods", Page 12.  It shows a drawing of EXACTLY what happened when I tried to place a pattern inside an odd-sized shape.  The pattern doesn't fill it up in the picture.  I turn to Page 13 to see what to do, and there is nothing more on the subject.


 Where can I go to find -- or buy -- more tutorials on how to use Quilt Path?  Surely, one doesn't have to wait for classes that only occur a few times a year.  My quilts can't wait for that.


The person who installed it for me didn't know much about it herself, so I can't really call her.  She didn't install the QP carriage correctly either.


WHO can I call?  WHERE can I go?  WHAT can I buy?

Any information would be very much appreciated. post-1635-0-11022800-1478902755_thumb.jpg



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Joy, I know there is a user group on Facebook, but you need an invitation to join.  I'm sure one of the people who handles that group will see this and invite you to join very soon.


Hope this gets easier for you.


quilting with Emmeline, a 2011 Freedom SR

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