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I finished the quilted banner for our church that I asked help on how to quilt it. It was a challenge for me and I learned a few things. I made a small wall hanging a few years ago that was about 12" by 16" that was paper pieced. I decided to enlarge it and make it about 60" by 90". I figured paper would tear, so I used thin interfacing or pattern fabric to use for the foundation piecing. It worked well. I was able to figure out how to piece the cross with the pattern in the fabric print going the way I wanted it too. I only had to rip out one piece and cut a new one.




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I don't know why my whole post didn't appear above. Maybe it was too long.

Thank you Lynn for the suggestion of not crossing the seam lines and the use of Superior SoFine in a matching color. (More thread added to my collection. ) I was thinking of quilting wavy, lines as you suggested, but decided to draw straight lines that ended up about 1" apart at the edges of the quilt. Also thank you for the suggestion to quilt flames.

Thank you Lora and AnnP for a the suggestion about swirls in the flames. I decided to just do flames, as I'm not comfortable adding swirls to them yet. I did do SID around the piecing. I need more practice!

Thank you Cagey for the link to the tutorial on quilting wood grain.

When I was finished with the quilting, the cross was puffy and there was a large pucker on the back. I looked up how to block a quilt (which I had never done) in some older posts. I purchased a new toy, suggested in some of the posts. It is a laser level square. It worked quite well, and the pucker on the back disappeared, which surprised me.

The banner is hanging in our parish hall.

I am very pleased with how it turned out and the religious ed teachers were amazed.

I have learned so much from this forum. Thank you!!


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