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I have been using the same MnM wheels for years...I think at least 6 maybe 7 years, and mine are still OK.

Have you called the service team to see if they can help you out? It sounds more like a level issue or perhaps something caught around the wheels that are causing the problem.

Call APQS, I'm sure they can help solve the problem for you.


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Actually APQS Service recommends a little alcohol to remove the oxidation. You will not hurt the M&M wheels and you will feel the difference after the wheels are thoroughly cleaned.

Get right in the groove in the wheel where it glides along the carriage. I poke the edge of my cloth in that groove and move the carriage front to back. As the cloth gets the black oxidation on it, find a clean spot that has the alcohol on it and continue with each wheel until your cloth remains clean. You don't need to clean the wheels this thoroughly daily but once a week will keep your wheels running like new.

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