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Grease blob

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I just finished quilting a quilt for a friend and had an experience that I have never seen before. She gave me warm and natural batting that she cut from a large roll which I do the same thing. I loaded the quilt backing then the quilt top and the batting last. The batting from the big rolls are folded with the right side on top so I just found the center at both ends and loaded it. Quilted the whole quilt and took it off my machine. I was checking for any loose threads and I ran my hand over the quilt backing and I felt a lump. It looked like a dime size grease blob under the backing. I was not a happ camper. I know it was not on her backing fabric because I ironed it before I loaded it on my machine. I am not sure what to do to get it all out.

Has anyone ever had this problem and if so what did you do to get rid of it?

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If it is a hard lump, where on the quilt is it located? If near the edge, then simply frog as little as you can get by with so you can go under the top and get it out, then requilt that portion. If in the center, is there a seam close by you could unpick then resew with hand stitches?

I would not try to wash out a hard lump. If it is grease, it will just melt and spread. Hopefully, it is just trash in the batting.


Best thing to do, have the friend look at it before you try anything. She might not want anything done. 


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It is more in the middle. I did take a really small crochet hook and poked it through the backing very carefully and got some of it out. It looked like trashy greasy thread. I got as much out as I could and will show it to my friend to see what she thinks if anything. I know I will examine the batting from now on.

Thank you for replying to my post.

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