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It has been a while - feels like eons ago.  This year I adopted out my 2007 Freedom to a quilting sister, Elaine.  Freedom got shipped over the ocean and across the country to Florida.  She got it set up in September and 14 quilts later, Freedom is still going strong.  I miss "her".  So here is my question:  I NEED a replacement with a smaller "footprint".  I do not do large quilts, lap to mini is my niche.  Lucey, Larry or Lenni on a 10 foot table.  I have done the comparisons online at the APQS website.  However, would like to hear real life testimonies on why you chose and how it is working out for you???  I will be at Road to California and my APQS rep is Barbara Mayfield.  Thank you so much for helping in this decision-making process.  APQS ROCKS!  Hawaii Barbara

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Don't have much to say....I have a Lucey and she is the same size as a freedom...mine is on a 12 foot table.....Lennie is the next smallest and Larry the smallest.  I have been working some on a Freedom at my dealers and I must say the front controls and fabric advance on that one are nice.  So I think one of the bigger differences from had and what you are looking at are those controls....It isn't hard to reach around to the side of my Lucey to adjust the stitch length, speed, and toggle on the stitch is easier from the front.....same with the power on....So how much of a smaller footprint do you need?  Lin

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A George is much smaller, and would probably fit your needs if you are doing small quilts and not for a business.  The new table is 2 feet by five feet, and expands to 4 by 5 feet.  You can get a larger table that expands even larger will maintaining a stored 2 by 6 foot floor print.  You get to touch and fondle all that lovely fabric you purchased when quilting with a George!  It might cut down on any fabric fetich you may have or some other participants here have.



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Hi, Hawaii Barbara!!!  I was just thinking about you a few days ago when I wanted to start listening to some Christmas music.  You sent me the Ukelele (?) Christmas CD several years ago when we were in a miniature quilt swap!


I have a Lenni on a 10 foot table that works great for smaller quilts.  The head is lighter weight and easy to move the head for quilting.  It just doesn't have all the bells and whistles some of the other machines have or as big of a throat space.  Stitching quality is up to usual APQS standards and less maintenance with lesser bells and whistles.


I'm sure you'll get a better idea when you get to Road to California and be able to try the machines first hand.


I've been MIA from this forum for quite awhile, too, and I'm ready to get back in the loop!  Hope to see you on here!

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Aloha, ladies.  Thank you so much for your response.  You gave mee 3 different perspectives on 3 different machines, not much help in making my decision, LOL!  The  common 'thread' is APQS is a solid, top-of-the line maker of QUALITY machines.  Having had the Freedom for almost 10 years, I can definitely vouch for their customer services and 5 star equipment!

Sewing Pup, I am leaning towards the Lucey on a 10 foot table, only because of the extra throat space.  I like the idea of even though, she is more basic, the area of the quilting is similar to my Freedom.

Cagey, George is a sit-down and although there is lots of space for quilting, I am a stand-up kind of gal - probably the only exercise I get in the season of life I am in.

Ahhhh, Cindy T.  So good to "see" you again.  Your beautiful little mini still hangs in my quilting room, an amazing inspiration!  I too, have out of the loop on this forum, but it good to see that there are many old-timers, who are still faithfully quilting away.  Your perspective, makes me want to reconsider the Lennie.

Hoping to jump back in and reignite quilting passions...  Hawaii Barbara

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