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cervical surgery.

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I will have pre-op on Dec. 20,

Hubby turns 81 on the 23 rd,

and I will have surgery on the 28th.


More to tell but I keep losing the print.


I  Thank All of you for your prayers and good Thought,


Please pray for me and all involved with the Surgery.



God bless you all, have wonderful holidays and stay safe and healthy.





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Thank you all.. it means a lot to have these prayers..  I'm sure that is why I am so relaxed and not worried.


Thanks Heidi P


I ran out of Likes at Ann P, they are meant for each .


Hand is giving out so will have to stop for a while.


Again, thanks.

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Isn't it wonderful knowing that the greatest healer/physician of all times will be in the surgery room directing all the doctors and nurses and yet holding your hand and comforting your husband and family all at once.


Seems like the peace He promises us has already found you.  Our prayers are with you.

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Well life has a way if changing! The COPD crud again.

This is the 4th day in the hosp..  Having troubles that have my diet switching from

heart, to regular now diabetic.

I'm  fairly sure this will either delete or delay the surgery.  I'm not  good at waiting.  LOL



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