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cervical surgery.

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Well, I'm still in the hospital.  Now I've picked up the mersa virus.

Spent most of yesterday sleeping.. ...  or coughing,   much better today.

I just want to feel good.  I'm tired of this.

also, for sure the surgery is delayed.  No idea when it will happen now.. in God's time.

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ROFl, yesterday was a real mess.  Didn't get to eat either hot meal, nor the cool one at the right temperatures.

Now today I can't call out on the phone, to order breakfast, so they brought a diff. phone,  it won't hang up.  LOL

They say there is a new phone coming up from supply.. hmmmmm should be?

I did get some decent rest last night, so that helps.

I have a penthouse view, so I can enjoy watching cars that look like Tootsie cars.

It looks so pretty out, still having some leaf color, sun is hazy bright but am told it is just plain cold out.


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It sees there are days when no matter how I try, I can't sound cheerful, and I'm full of complaints.

Yesterday was one of those.   Today sounds like another, but these really are just comments..

 I've been in here 8 days and they had to put in 7 new IV's, so far.  Not fun, and am running out of

arm locations. It just won't work, nor will the BP cuff, on the bad arm.

Were I to be here much longer I'd request a pic.  A lot less mess and pain I'm sure.

Just to keep this one open, I had to lay flat and not move the arm.  then it was needing slow flow, so by the time It was done

it was nearly time to start the next.. Within about 10 min.  An hour bag took 3 - 4 hours.

Ive not had a hot, nor cold meal when cold was needed, since I got here.  Anyone like cold eggs, (?) and fried potato's with

no seasonings and with them cold?.  Not me!   rofl..  yukko.

I was coughing so hard, nearly constantly, with no  production, that I refused any more Mucinex.  I feel so much better!


Update:  Dr. was just In and they think  I have finished the IV meds that were needed for the merca and copd.  Thanks to the Good Lord!

Talking of going home in a day or two after they see how I do back on my regular meds.  If OK, then I go home and learn to loaf a bit.

A big thanks and continued prayers for all of you.

HugS, Rita..





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thank you folks...     I had a melt down.

I ordered a bowl of grapes, cream of wheat, milk, tea and toast.

My tray had no cream of wheat nor grapes.   (touchy I was/am)+++ 

She insisted I tell her what  wanted to replace the cream of wheat with.

Says I, chuckling,  I can hardly  replace something  I didn't get to start with.  She persisted.. So did I. then I said. OK, Lets TRY to get what I ordered to start with.

She insisted I tell her what I wanted to replace it with, and I yelled.  lol, I'm embarrassed. yet feel  she needed more yelling than I gave her.

YUP, got the cream of wheat an hour later and cold, by then the milk was warm.  rofl  Just can't get a hot or cold meal.

Another day or two and I'll vacate.

;o))   hugs around and prayers.


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On 12/7/2016 at 10:36 AM, RitaR said:

I'm  fairly sure this will either delete or delay the surgery.  I'm not  good at waiting.

That is not positive thinking the the surgery will go on as planned.  

Give yourself a slap on the face, and tell yourself you will be better by December 19th, and the surgery will go as planned on December 28th as scheduled!!!!!!!  While you are at it, tell yourself you will have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy Pain Free New Year after my surgery is completed on December 28th.

We are all praying that you get well and your surgery goes as planned, so you have to start doing the same.  If I tell myself and everyone around that I am never going to win the church raffle or at bingo, guess what....... I am never going to with the church raffle or bingo.  

I belive God answers our prayers, so we all need to keep praying that your surgery goes well on December 28th, and you have a speedy recovery for that pain free New Year.  You have to keep the faith, and be positive things will work out as planned.  You didn't make it this far, thinking you were never going to find a surgeon that would do the surgery.  God answered that prayer, so why would he not continue to take "positive" care of you?


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Cagey, I reakize the post you resoponded to is about a week old.

One of the Dr.s and I were talking about my future, and he said with the  COPD, Plus the Mersa virus , the surgery would be

delayed to let my lungs heal another few weeks.

I wasn't being negative, just stating the facts.

I came home (fnallly - lol ) yesterday, after 10 days as an in-patient.  11 days too long.  ;o)

 I do think once this cervical pain is gone, I will be a bit nmore able to heal quicker.  Pain does tear one down.

  I have been, and will continue to pray that the surgery be His will, and for the staff who will take care of me, that they be of

His will and choosing.

I know how negative some of the posts sound.  I try not to mislead, to find a way to soften the words, and some times it just

doesn't work.

I see it is well beyond shower time, and I'm needing a short nap, so on into the day.

This IS the day that the Lord has made!  I shall rejoice and be glad in it!



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On 12/7/2016 at 10:36 AM, RitaR said:

Well life has a way if changing! The COPD crud again.

This is the 4th day in the hosp..  Having troubles that have my diet switching from

heart, to regular now diabetic.

I'm  fairly sure this will either delete or delay the surgery.  I'm not  good at waiting.  LOL



Will keep you in my prayers Rita!!!!  

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I was not trying to appear mad or upset with you.  I simply believe that a person must remain positive, and that one must truly believe you can and you will overcome any and all adversities.  Any other belief or view will not take you to your full potential being in life or dealing with health issues.  

I watched my sister give up during her battle with cancer.  She got sick, and was battling an infection.  She had only been sick for a few months.  She said she was tired of all the hospital visits, and just done fighting.   She said she wanted to leave the hospital and die in her own home.  We took her home, and she gone within 12-hours.  Myself, I plan on going out kicking and screaming when my long sleep approaches.  

Take care, and God Bless that you lungs heal quickly and your surgery will occur soon.  Have a great evening.


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Hi Cagey,  No problem.   Notice how the posts can seem to be other than what we mean? It can be mind boggling

I didn't think you were mad or being mean.   Just as I was, you were stating your opinion, and I

didn't want things I said misunderstoood, so stated them differently.

I do appreciate your caring and stating...


LOL, lets just have fun,   I'm feeling more clear headed today.  I do have an a.m. Dr.appt. this morning, and that

will give me time to finish the holiday letters  to mail,  and get in some gift making/sewing time.

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Thanks, Heidi...   Prayers are always welcome, and freely given. what the twins do the first time they see each other again.

I keep praying for Landon. I'd love to be there to see the twins when they first see each other again.  Very precious moments I think. Hugs to all,

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fingers misbehave
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Rita, I can totally relate. When you are in constant pain, and you feel like your never going to get any relief, staying positive isn't always easy no matter how hard you try. I have issues with C5 & C6 vertabraes in my neck that is pinching nerves. The constant pain runs down my back and left arm to the tips of my fingers. I had shots last year and the pain subsided for nearly a year and a half. The pain returned in late August, early September, and I tried to treat it myself with ice packs, pain meds when absolutely necessary and exercises they taught me last year. Nothing worked, so I had to call the doctor. I just had my second shot today. I'm hoping I won't have to have the third because these shots are expensive. I can say that the doctors are wonderful and very understanding of my pain. The last resort is surgery, and they try everything possible before it comes to such drastic measures. I really really do not want surgery so I follow their instructions to the letter. I told my doctor today that I really needed this shot to work because my Christmas present was setting in my house waiting to be set up on Sunday. He asked me what it was; I told him that I'm a quilter and my present is a APQS Millennium or Millie Long arm quilting machine. I described it to him and told him that it has been my dream for more than five years to own this machine. He was so nice asking me questions about quilting and trying to help me relax and take my mind off the procedure. He said he just might have to get me to make a quilt for him. I told him I'd be happy to make a quilt for him. I wish all my doctors were this wonderful. I really hope you get some relief soon Rita, and I will continue to pray for you.

Merry Christmas 


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Well, I have my pre surgery work up today, And if the surgery will go on.l l

I'm feeling better all the time, and am still tiring much too soon.

Lightning strike damage to my quilting computer and drive is Not getting  fixed yet.  They have had the

machine for about a month now, can't get a reply to emails, phone messages returned.

I'll not trust another small personally owned company with much money.

The saga of things going bad,  he had to replace the water heater, $800.00  I can't believe something that's not made to

last more than 8 years, costs so much.  We didn't pay over $250 for the last one.  hee hee we had it 9 years.

Pre-op today so heading out. 

Prayers and hugs to all,

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  1. Thanks  Hieid, as of now, I'm getting butterflys  In my stomach.  rofl
  2. We have things to do and places to go, everyday between now and then,
  3. I'm trying to crochet dish cloths,  not doing it very good, but it keeps my hands busy.
  4. I passed the Pre op with flying colors.
  5. Today I have the 6min walk test.,  don't  know why they call it that when it takes half an hour lol ;o)
  6. He will fuse C1 thry T8..I will get a Buster Brown hair cut high  on the back and let the hair grow in with the brace.
  7. They fitted me in the brace which I'll have to wear for 3 months, and I won't be able  to nod or shake my head at all. 
  8. It,  goes from my jaw, down to mid chest, and in back from middle of head/and down , I think he said to about  t11 or t12. 
  9. I have to shower with the brace on.
  10. Living this way for 3 months is going to be a VERY DIFFERENT experience, and I WILL, WILL, do it.
  11. Christmas blessings to all,  may it be Healthy and Safe.
  12. God Bless all,
  13. Rita


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