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cervical surgery.

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OK, I need to correct something I was told,         I did not have the mrsa virus.

I'm not even going to try to state what I had.   A bad virus in any case, much like the msa.

While I'm at it,   Himself confessed he had been giving me false info abour our trip to Alaska, where we did what, etc. .

Someone other than I   "thought it would be funny".   I apologize for all the wrong info I gave out..

lol Now I feel better.:D

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tired fingies
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Hopefully, everything is fine with you! You are a brave person! I'm so afraid of surgeries, even if I'm not the patient. My daughter signed up for surgery. For plastic surgery! She is not happy with her body and wants to do liposuction. I’m totally against it! But she doesn’t want to listen to me. She sent me the website of the clinic through https://www.cosmeticsurgeryforyou.com/procedures/liposuction-seattle-kirkland-bellevue/. Maybe someone here heard something about them? Is it dangerous to do this type of surgery?

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