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Baby lock Tiara II for sale

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The poster has not been to the forum since December 2016, so I would hazard to guess it may be gone.  

Here is another Tiara for sale. http://forum.apqs.com/index.php?/topic/41636-babylock-tiara/  While the seller says no shipping, I would find a local shipping company that would stop by the sellers house, take it back to there store, and ship it to you.  You could probably have this done for under $400.  I did exactly that with my George table.  Since the Tiara is smaller and lighter than the table, I would expect you may be able to do the deal for a less.  

The only question will be how to have the machine checked out.  You could ask the seller to take it to a BabyLock dealer/repair shop in their area that you pick, and once the machine has been confirmed it is fully up and running, buy it.  If it is at the dealer, the dealer may box it up and ship it to you for a hundred bucks or so.  That idea just came to me while I was typing.  It does not hurt to call around a find a local dealer and see if they would do the checkout and shipping for the seller on your dime.  Think outside the box, and get the deal done.  Best of luck to you.


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