Pantos, basting & extra wide quilt issues by the "end"

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I've done two king size quilts now with all over pantos.  I'm running into an issue that I don't have when doing similar size free hand.  Wondering what I should be doing differently.

I loaded the king with the largest dimension on the rollers.  The first one I fully floated - the second I partial floated but eventually unrolled & ended up floating the end.

Both pantos had a lot of stitching but not overlap in the design.   These were free hand "traced" pantos - not computer.

I basted the top, and edges (Lucey) the full width/height of the usable area, applied side clamps & then stitched the panto.  I advanced 1/2 of the height of the usable area, basted down, clamped & did the panto again..... repeat repeat repeat.   By about 2/3 way down I could tell my side borders were having some issues - they were pulling in compared to where the "free" fabric was.  By the time I got to the end of the quilt I had a lot of excess fabric side to side.   When I loaded the quilt the two edges were within 1/2" of each other but I put the longer one on top.


Should I be doing something differently for such a wide quilt with a panto?   Since only 1/2 of the usable height is being stitched before I advance should I only baste that far?   Should I baste the whole quilt & then quilt back "up" to the top?   What other ideas?



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