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Recommended circle rulers?

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I am doing the Kimmy Brunner Craftsy class and need some circle rulers.  She recommends starting with three sizes roughly 3", 5-6", 8-9".  She sells the rulers but her site says out of stock.

Do you have a favorite brand?  I have looked at Jamie Whallen's site and others.  Do you like the open ones where you can do inside or outside OR do you prefer a solid one?  If you use the open ones (with middle cut out) do you prefer the ones with a slit for bringing your foot inside?

I am new to ruler work and with the high cost of these rulers I want to make a good decision.

Thanks for any help!



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I think I would really like Jamie's because of the little handle.  But I don't have them so I can't say for certain.  But can tell you I like the solid circles that you go around the outside.  I don't know what brand mine are it might be Gadget Girl I know that are that greenish color.  One thing I like about the solid is there solid I know that sounds redundant but I'm serious.  I have every size imaginable from very small to big in the solid circle and a few of the open ones.  I always go to the solids the open one just don't feel right to me.

Having said that I'm sure it's personal preference so you could feel the exact opposite as me!

There that was super helpful :blink: 

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Karen:  I have a Quiltazoid for my Zelda, and a Gammill circle maker for my Gammill, and use them to make circles rather than use rulers.  the Quiltazoid makes 1.5" to 12" dia. circles.  The Gammill tool makes 1.5" to 16" circles.  If you don't already have a circle making tool, you might think about buying one.  They make reliably round circles.  The Quiltazoid at half inch dia. increments between small and large, and the Gammill at any size between the extremes.  They certainly keep the ruler inventory down.  Just a thought.  Jim

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