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Today our little Landon is having his heart surgery.  We are of course scared and nervous but also anxious for him to have a fully functioning heart.  He will have such an easier time.  You will remember we thought we would need 3 surgeries but now they think it will all be done with one.  I believe in the miracle of prayer and you all have helped get us this far.  The left side of his heart is small, he has hypo plastic left heart, but his heart is functioning the way it should so he will keep all 4 chambers!  Today's surgery will repair the holes between the 4 chambers, repair a misshaped valve and replace a missing valve.  Please keep him in your prayers.  

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Landon is coming home today!!!!!!  My Christmas wishes have all been fulfilled! Thank you all so much for your prayers and comforting posts!  It has been soooooo scary.  He is one happy little boy.  

Landon is off all pain meds except Tylenol.  He really doesn't seem to be bothered much by being changed.  He HATES all the noises at the hospital and he gets super agitated when the surgeon comes in

Update - Landon is off the ventilator!!!  He is doing well and breathing all on his own.  He even opened his eyes and was looking at me for about 10 min.  He even tried to smile.  Tonight for the firs

17 minutes ago, Mary Beth said:

Heidi, I have been watching for this post. I have been praying for little Landon and had been hoping he would not have to go through this. He is so cute, and looks so healthy. So thankful he does not need three surgeries. Will be praying today. Please let us know when you have a chance.

Mary Beth thank you!  I knew I could count on you!  He is the cutest little thing and oh his smile!  He also smiles with his eyes, he gets a little twinkle.  It has always been hard to know he has so many issues with his heart because he does look like a very healthy baby.  We are so thankful his heart has held up and it isn't a crisis.  


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Father God we know you love children and you are the God who heals.  We ask for your presence and healing power in Landon's life.  Bring peace,joy and comfort to the family and friends.  Wisdom, knowledge and abilities to the doctors and medical staff.   And we thank you for all that you do for those who love you.  

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