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Securing edges

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This is a general question about securing the edges of a quilt after quilting is complete.  In my experience there are different practices in use.

One of my concerns is the quilt stitches becoming unravelled from the edges.  This is easy to eliminate when free-handing or doing a pants by doing some extra stitches at the beginning and end of a row but when using a computerised system, stitching can sometimes go off the edges of a quilt, especially if it is not quite square.

So how do you secure your stops and starts at the edges of a quilt, if at all?

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I have had stitches unravel from the edges before the binding is applied.  I use manual and computerised.  The problem mostly occurs if the quilt is not completely square so I may have set the side to finish stitching at a certain point ( the widest) but if the quilt goes in any stitching will extend onto the batting.  When the batting is cut away, it is impossible to leave a long tail to go in the binding?



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