Struggling with a dilema. Help! Thoughts! Prayers!

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Hi!  I've been a lurker here for some time, but had to chime in here. Yes, I agree with everyone else here....take the stove! My dear sweet mother-in-law passed away a couple years ago. A few years before she passed, my husband & I were at her house visiting. After lunch, she & I were doing the dishes and she told me after she passed she wanted us to have a set of silverware that had been passed down in my husbands family. I knew nothing of this silverware & for all I knew it was nothing of real value. She also told my husband of her wishes and he dismissed it, but did tell her if that was what she wanted she needed to tell his sister. His sister J was the only daughter and was very much in "control" of her estate. Well. after she passed J was deciding who got what and my husband told her the only thing he wanted was that set of silverware. My husband had never seen this set either & was not sure what it consisted of....but his sister sure did. There was an argument about it and J even said that my mother-in-law was not in her "right mind" when she said I could have that silver ware. My husband stood up to her and never backed down until she finally gave in. She finally handed over the was a complete set of 12 place setting of solid silver from the 1940's. There are also several pieces of matching serving pieces. My husbands grandmother had purchased it. We love and cherish that silver, not for its monetary value.....but, because my dear sweet mother-in-law wanted us to have it. We get that silver out every holiday and enjoy it with our family.

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I'm also with everyone. Sorry Laura, I'm first seeing this.  I'm so very sorry for your loss.

First...TAKE THE STOVE!  It WILL be the LAST THING your mother gave YOU!  (And you wont regret it!)

Secondly, Now that the other sister is out of the decision part of the house and its left up to all 3 of you, take the initiative to call a realtor...get friends to help pack, clean, etc. whatever it takes!  It only takes one person to sign the Realtor Sale Agreement, so why not be you to get things moving and done with?!

I'm saying this, because I am going thru the SAME THING right now, except my mothers been diagnosed with dementia/alzheimers.  My sister and her daughter, took all 3 life insurance policy $ that my step father left to my mother.

I'm left as usual, cleaning up the mess, and taking care of everything.  My "so called sister" has not been back to see our mother since step father passed 4 years ago!  I'm in Nebraska, she's in Missouri.  Excuses after excuses.  It's because she knows there is work to be done, and that she's guilty of theft!

With that said. I got POA for mom.  I put her house up for sale, I moved her to the #1 voted best facility in the city of Lincoln, NE...yes it's the most expensive!  If the $ is gone before she dies, and Medicaid has to step in for hospice, etc. then SO BE It!  It will be a blessing to know my sister wont get anything else out of it.

So, put the house up, and then split the $ as mom wanted. 

Best of luck to you, I know you can do it!

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