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filling wide open spaces

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I just finished a quilt that scared the crap out of me...Wide open spaces. The quilt was basically a whole cloth with a few pedal and circle shapes applied to it. Then they wanted texture around them. I did a texture I am calling soft graffiti. curves, circles, paisley feathers. with some spikes for interest. Once I got started it went well I just did slight variations of the basic shapes I started with. This 97 x 111 quilt took up some real estate on my frame for about 5 days. I delivered it to the customer yesterday and she was very pleased. Thanks for looking







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Very nice!  It takes a huge amount of tenacity to produce the quilting on these kind of quilts, when there is so much negative space, but so rewarding when you put that last stitch in!  I saw your comment on my Olaf quilt Terry regarding Krista Withers.  If ever you get an opportunity to do a workshop or seminar with her, I think you'd find her approach quite helpful for this type of quilt.  

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Thanks for sharing the fear as well as the beautiful quilting on this. I didn't know if I was the only one that didn't know what I was going to quilt on a customers quilt with the fear of her not liking it. Great job! (yes its a job when quilting for a customer) but.... Oh so much fun, once you get in there and do it. Thanks for sharing!

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