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Here is a paper pieced project I just finished. I wanted to paper piece this zebra with rainbow colors. I Ice dyed a piece of fabric with rainbow color and used it to make this zebra. I am pleased with the out come. I had planned on doing a blue background but when I got to the main face area on the animal it was blue and the background just washed everything out. I added more of the rainbow fabric to the breaks in the background and did it scrappy Black. I am going to call this small wall hanging , My Coat of many Colors.

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1 hour ago, tootsquilts said:

Love your Zebra.  I have never paper pieced before.  Just never wanted to tackle it, I guess.  Your dyed fabric is lovely.

I did not like it when I started doing Paper piecing Cathy but now   I Do Like it a lo.t I have doing it paperless using Freezer paper and absolutly love doing it that way....I do not have to rip papers off after.

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Thank-you Heidi. I am not an expert in any way I have just done Ice dyeing in the last year I think I should try a snow dyeing piece. I think you would need to fold or scrunch your fabric in a container that can drain.( eg. colander from dollar store, you will not want to use for food again) pile on the snow then sprinkle the cold water dye powder over the top of the snow and wait for the snow to carry the dye through the fabric. It is always interesting what designs and color are created. You have me thinking I need to do another dye piece. If you need more info contact Kathy from Tamerack Shack she does Ice dyed Backings. I hope that helps If you have any other questions PM me and I will try and help. Good Luck can't wait to see what you do.

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