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2nd (and LAST) Olaf Finished

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It's done!!  I am so over Olaf quilts, never over Olaf ;)

This quilt was the 2nd one I made for practice on my Lenni and will be donated as well to the local Quilts 4 Kids.  On this one I worked on border and block quilting designs. I need so much practice doing borders going in all directions!! Ugh!  Not to mention getting some consistency in spacing and size and... the list is endless. So for 2017's challenges (I wish I could achieve that in one year :wacko:) I will continue to work on that.  

I tried Glide 60wt on the bottom this time. So great not to have to change the bobbin so often!!  And for some of the quilting, it is a nice bonus not to have the thread build up on the back, I.e. On the Stars.  It melts into the backing and worked very well tension-wise. I'm sold!  I wind all my own bobbins and they work great. 

I get so impatient as I approach the end of a quilt and I was running out of ideas for the blocks, yet I didn't want to waste an opportunity to try something new. There was no other plan beyond that as I started to quilt. 

Anyway, that's it. Here's several pictures I took while the sun was out!  Thanks for taking a look!







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51 minutes ago, LibbyG said:

Kathy, You've done an amazing job with OLAF!  There's so much eye candy on this quilt, I found myself going back again and again to check out the designs.  Thanks for posting individual block pictures.  

Thanks!  I take lots of pictures, so I can go back and refer to them for future quilts, but I'm always worried about inundating everyone with too many pictures.  If there are any blocks you'd like a better picture of, let me know, I'd be happy to share it.

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