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Floating top thread on George

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I frequently get a floating appearance on the top thread on George machine.  The stitches are still catching but still seem to float on the top.  Any suggestions on how to correct.  Happens when using most threads including aurafil on top and bobbin.  

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First off, you need to start off with the bobbin tension set correctly.  There are numerous ways to do this, with the APQS way being explained in the manual.  Here is a link to a longarm quilter, and this technique works great on George.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1mRhcquZTM

Now with the bobbin tension set, if you mean that the top thread is essentially laying flat on the quilt top, then the top thread is winning the tug of war and pulling the bottom thread to the top.  This means you need to loosen the top tension.  If you come to the point that the top tension disk is coming very loose.  With the top thread still winning the tug of war, try only running the thread through two of the three holes of the thread guide immediately above the top tension disk.  That should fix things for you.  

If you do a search here on this forum, you will find many long thread discussions of this exact issue with much wiser quilters sharing their knowledge of getting your tension perfectly balanced. 


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