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Bobbin thread jammed and won't feed at all. HELP!

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Starting to Quilt some material for a client for a stocking.  Thicker fabric, I think it's duck cloth. Thread broke. Reloaded, checked tension and now the bobbin thread won't feed at all once loaded. The tension on the bobbin itself is fine. I took off the throat plate, cleaned and oiled and can't see any caught thread. When there is no thread the bobbin seems to spin smoothly. What am I not checking?

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Not sure what you are trying to say.  If you can't get the bobbin to feed after the single stitch take the bobbin out of the bobbin case and start over.  Check that the backlash spring is seated.  When you reinsert the bobbin case give the thread tail a pull and make sure it is free, I've had it get caught under the latch and under the backlash spring.  If you can't bring up the thread when doing single stitch try replacing the needle it may be bent.  If you are talking about top thread not feeding after the break unthread completely and start over.  Sometimes when the top thread snaps it will spring back and and get caught in the spring on the tension assembly.  I also have at least one cone of Glide that the thread hangs up on.

Just a couple of ideas 



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