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Jodi Robinson At A Quilter's Choice - APQS West

Myrna Ficken

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Still have space in Jodi's classes this weekend if you are in the area of Littleton, Colorado, A Quilter's Choice - APQS West


Jodi Robinson has been a quilter for the past 22 years, and has been a professional longarm quilter for 20 years.  She is a Gammill Quilt Artist, and has been teaching nationally at Quilting Shows for the past 12 years.  Jodi has won numerous national awards for her machine quilting skills, including the award for Best Modern Quilt at multiple AQS Shows in 2014, and the Outstanding Modern Quilt Award at the 2015 Road to California show.  In addition to teaching, Jodi designs pantograph designs, has self-published nine machine quilting design books, and provides professional longarm quilting services to her clients.  Jodi’s books and classes focus on using quick and easy methods to create beautiful, freehand machine quilting designs that will personalize and make your quilting unique.  You can visit her blog at:  

3 hours hands on classes $110.00 each, includes supplies other than listed below.  The classes are for longarm AND domestic sewing machines. Longarms are provided but you must bring your own DSM. If you are taking both classes in one day lunch is included. Register for all 5 classes and save $50.00

Straight Line Quilting with a Modern Twist – 3hr. Hands On Class
All levels Saturday, January 14th, 9:00 - 12:00

While you might love the look of straight line quilting, especially on modern quilts, you can become easily bored when doing it on a large quilt, or even a large area of a quilt. Jodi will show you some very simple ways that you can break things up a bit, by adding some bends and twists to your straight lines and a couple of tricks to create optical illusions within straight line quilting.  You will also learn some neat ways to add small areas of interest using straight, wavy, and flowing curvy lines both alone, or together.  These twists on the basic straight line are not just for modern quilts, and will work wonderfully on many styles of quilts.
Please bring the following items to class: Notebook, pen/pencil, scissors or snips, fabric marking tool of your choice for use on both light and dark fabrics.

Modern Simplicity – 3 hr. Hands On Class
All levels Saturday, January 14, 1:30 - 4:30

Are you having difficulty trying to decide exactly what designs to use when quilting modern quilts?  Whether you are making your own modern quilts, or have been receiving them from your customers, Jodi will show you some amazingly SIMPLE free-hand designs that are very adaptable, and effective, in achieving texture and movement in the often, irregular shaped piecing, and large areas of negative space found in many modern quilts. You will learn the basic designs, and then, how you can add to them to create more complex variations, depending on the look you want to achieve. These designs are not just for modern quilts, many can also be used on fun kids quilts, as well as quilts needing more masculine designs.  You are going to be amazed by the adaptability of these very SIMPLE designs.Please bring the following items to class: Notebook, pen/pencil, scissors or snips

Stencil Magic – 3 hr. Hands On Class (NEW)
Confident beginner/All levels Sunday, January 15, 9:00 - 12:00

Let me show you how to use basic stencils to create extraordinary new designs that have an updated, more contemporary/modern feel.  You will learn how to use stencils as a backbone to create new designs.  I will show you how to create multiple designs from a single stencil; for backgrounds, blocks, and borders.  You will also learn how to use the full stencils, as well as how you can utilize only pieces and parts of them.  We will also discuss marking methods.  You will go home and look at your stencils in a whole new way!   
Please bring the following items to class: Notebook, pen/pencil, scissors or snips, fabric marking tools of your choice for both light and dark fabrics.  Bring your favorite ruler for stitching lines if you have one.

Wonderful Woven Designs (NEW) January 15,
1:30- 4:30

Learn to stitch stunning woven background designs that are created using straight, angled and curved lines on a small scale.  Each of the background fill designs does require marking, but the results are incredible! You are going to love the texture and depth that can be created with these designs.  After determining the basic layout you want to use, I will show you multiple designs that can be used to fill in the areas.  The beauty of these designs is the clean, precise finished look.  You will see how versatile the designs are when you switch and swap different combinations of lines and fills, allowing you to create endless, unique designs of your own.   
Please bring the following items to class:  Notebook, pen/pencil, scissor or snips, fabric marking tools of your choice for both light and dark fabrics (we will be marking with stencils to create our basic design layouts), your favorite ruler for stitching straight lines if you have one.

Less Stress Feathers – 3hr. Hands On Class
Beginner/Confident Beginner, Saturday, January 16, 9:00 - 12:00

Less Stress Feathers will allow you to stitch formal style feathers without the STRESS of backtracking.  If you love the look of formal feathers, but have been struggling with the backtracking required to stitch them, or would like to stitch them in a contrasting thread color? Then these feathers are just what you are looking for.  Elegant AND easy—what more could you ask for!  We will also learn the many ways you can add more stitching to these feathers depending on the density of quilting you desire.  We will begin class by stitching both longarm, and traditional formal feathers, before learning the Less Stress Feathers, so that you can experience the difference in the stitching paths.   
Please bring the following items to class: Notebook, pen/pencil, scissors or snips

January classes with Myrna Ficken

Myrna Ficken is a busy, outgoing artist with a passion for quilting and creating! Myrna is an exceptionally talented, award-winning quilter and a well-known educator in the longarm quilting industry.
Myrna has traveled and taught at quilt shows and other quilting events all over the United States as well as at various international events. She has won many awards with her work over the years and was nominated for Teacher Of The Year in 2007. Her work has been published in books and magazines in the quilting trade. Myrna also has several longarm quilting DVDs available. She brings a fresh outlook to her classes and techniques and she encourages students to be progressive and innovative. Myrna is a generous and gracious educator who sincerely enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with others. Myrna's enthusiasm for the art and her dynamic personality are contagious and bring a positive sense of energy to her classes and gives her students confidence.
Myrna is the owner of A Quilter's Choice - APQS West in Littleton, Colorado. A longarm education center and APQS showroom. Learn to use and rent longarm machines to finish your own quilts or have them quilted for you. You will find many longarm supplies, a selection of beautiful quilting fabric and patterns. New things added all the time. 

Beginner Class for new machine owners, Saturday January 7, 10;30 - 4:00  Free to new APQS owners

With the beginner class offered at APQS West, our goal is to teach you the skills you'll need to accomplish a typical quilting project on your new longarm machine. Whether you intend to start a business or just want to get your quilts done faster. We will discuss tension, threads, loading, pantos, basis maintenance This class is mostly "demonstration" so we can squeeze in as much information as possible. The class is free for students who purchased a quilting machine from APQS, APQS store, dealer. Tuition is $200 to students that just want to be educated on these. Perhaps you are considering purchasing a machine.

Freehand Borders and Sashing with Myrna Ficken Friday, January 13, 10:00 - 1:00

Ready to step out and learn more freehand designs? Want to do simple custom border and sashings instead of an allover design?  I will show you how to practice and then put your newly learned designs to work for you. Leaves, flowers, and geometric without turning your quilt for you side borders. Bring paper and pencils. Fabric, batting and threads are provided.
Tuffet making 101,  Saturday, January 21, Class states at 10:00 $175.00 includes pattern and kit.
Supplies needed fabric, DSM and sewing supplies. Please bring you own iron. Pick up pattern before the class to choose your fabric. Can be made with a Jelly roll or create your own way. Myrna will give ideas when you pick up your pattern.
Bring a lunch, all day class.

Please check aquilterschoice.com class caender for other classes posted.

To register call Myrna Ficken @ 435 414 2026. Spaces are limited for longarm students.

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