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I have the quilt path installed on a Lucey machine.  I have had both for several years but am just now trying to use it.  I did upgrade to windows 10 and I think I have all that done correctly.  My problem is that when I set the program, it shows that it is sewing but it isn't.  It doesn't let me draw up the bobbin thread and I tried to do it manually and then hit sew.  It shows that it is sewing the pattern but it actually isn't sewing at all.  At the end it shows that it is finished and when I hit finished it takes me back to my block.  At the top is says usb is not connected and I have unplugged it and replugged it back in but it still shows not connected.

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong.




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Toni, are you a member of our Quilt Path Users Group on Facebook??  It's an awesome resource for Quilt Path users, there's usually someone on there at most any hour and you can get immediate answers to questions.  If you're not on there, email me at info@apqsnw.com and I'll get you added.

Your problem is that you are most likely in Simulation Mode, if QP has told you that the USB cannot connect.  Try reloading your drivers and see if you can connect.

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Definately sounds like a driver issue.  The best thing to do for the long haul is to get onto the Facebook page.  Not only is there an anchored post by Dawn at the top that addresses the Windows 10 upgrade and drivers problem, but now that is the best place to go for news and help.  I was going to try and post Dawn's PDF file here but that doesn't seem possible.  If Facebook is not an option for you, let me know and I'll email it to you.  If you just just recently upgraded to Win 10, you'll want to go thru the entire procedure for all the recommended tweaks plus the driver reinstallation.

John Trundle


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