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2014 Lucey W/Bliss system** SOLD**

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My elderly customer just passed last week and her daughter needs to sell her Lucey as she doesn't have room at her home.  This machine has less than 20 hrs usage, as right after the lady purchased her health took a turn for the worst, 20 hrs may be a high estimate. It has the  Bliss system and she has the  Hartley base extender and rulers and a few other goodies she would include.. She is asking $9,700. and the machine is located in Palm Desert, Calif.  You may contact me directly if you are interested..  hmmastro@dc.rr.com


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Hi Debbie,

Where are you located? The table is a Millie table vintage 2001, but the Lucey I got new in Feb 2014.. the table is 12 ft with motorized fabric advance and Hydraulic lift system and of course the Bliss. Shipping the head is easy, it's packaging the table and the poles that's the tricky part  and I don't have a clue how much it would cost or would would do it. The Lucey I purchased because I'm a rep and was only used occasionally as I have a 2014 Millie also.  If you would like to call me tomorrow my number is 760.325.2542


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