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Attached are a few pictures of my latest quilt.  It's a green Jacob's Ladder Prayer Quilt.  I'm a volunteer with the Pasadena Police Department and one of our Sargent's wife has cancer and had surgery two weeks before Christmas and is under going radiation....we had a meeting last night and about 10 - 12 people stopped by and prayed over the quilt for the lady...we presented it to the Sargent this morning and he was so appreciative.  He said his wife would love it and he just kept telling me how much he appreciated it and how much his family appreciated it.


That's why I quilt.  To put a smile and hope on people's faces knowing that when they see the quilt they will know people are praying for them.






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What an outstanding gift, and quilt.  I am sure the Sargent and his wife, will cherish it more than you can imagine.  With the incidents of late, you have truly shown the family and the entire force that Blue Lives Matter.  I thank you for showing such devotion to our first responders and their families.  What a grand token of friendship and support!


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