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Project Angel Quilt

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I would like to thank the APQS Family that came together to make this happen. A special Thanks to Connie for bringing this to our attention, to Betsy for generously offering to put it together and quilt and ship it to Rita, to all the members that jumped on this band wagon and made it happen in such a short time frame. This is a truly amazing group we have on this forum. I am truly blessed to be a part of it I am going to post a picture of this amazing project at the front of the post and hope you will look at the list of people who have made this happen Thank-you for making this an easy project to co-ordinate. 

IMG_20170309_1732294.jpgQuilt block layout.jpg





It has been brought to our attention one of our Long time members Rita is in need of a Quilty hug. We are organizing a sewing bee to make a Angel Quilt for Rita. Connie started this ball rolling yesterday and I am taking the lead on this one. We would like to make a quilt with at least 30 blocks. Here are the block requirements.                                                                                                         This is a great site for block ideas if you are interested just go down to the 10" section http://www.quilterscache.com/BlocksbySizeB.htm                  10 1/2" unfinished block - your chose of design and color , we are going for a scrappy feel.

3 pieces of  2 1/2" x 10 1/2" white on white for sashing 

a piece of leftover binding  2 1/2" wide by approx 12" - 15" long . 

Please  Send blocks to Betsy  by March 1st                                                                                                                                        please Personel Message her for address http://forum.apqs.com/index.php?/profile/5510-dbams/ 

We would like to get this ball rolling as soon as possible. Betsy would like to put this together by March 1st so we need to get the blocks to her right away. If you could comment below with how many blocks you would like to contribute I will keep this updated at the top of this post. I would like to thank you in advance for your help in wrapping one of our long time members in a APQS hug.

Please feel free to sign your block and include a message for Rita if you wish.


Betsy (dbams) -Piecing-quilting, batting, and  binding

Nancy (Pepsigirl)-Backing fabric + 2 Blocks -Backing and 2 block arrived


Terry- (T Row Studio) 1-blocks -3 arrived

David- 1-block

Debbie (micajah)- 1 block- 1 block arrived

Missy (floridamissy) -1 block- 4 blocks- arrived

Mary Beth - 2 blocks- 2 blocks arrived

Connie (Gator)- 2 block-arrived

Dell (delld)- 2 blocks - 2 arrived

Lisa C- 1 block- 1 block arrived

Norma H- 2 blocks-3 arrived

Oma -3 blocks-2- blocks received

Libby-4 block- 4 blocks

Vicki M- (primitive1) 2- block-2 arrived

Syvia- (dancing bear) 1-block- 1 block arrived

Vickie- (piecrust)-1

Barbara C- 1 block-1 block received

Gail O- 2 blocks - 2 blocks arrived

Beach Quilter-1 Block

Heidi-1 Block - 1 block arrived

Charlotte- 1Block- 1 block arrived

Meg -1 block

Lisa E - 1 block-1 arrived

Judy Day-1 - 1 block received

Cathy (toots quilter) -1 - 1- arrived

Ann-Apylinski-1 block

Ann P- Pillowcase

39- blocks 


Thank-you Everybody for jumping in and helping for this very special Angel Quilt Project.

We Have enough blocks now to make a special quilt for Rita.

Please continue to send Prayers Her way.



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Nancy (Pepsigirl) messaged me that she will make a block or two, as will I.  That puts us at 13-15 blocks!

I have a family vacation starting March 14, which is why we are asking for the blocks by March 1st. 

Looking forward to working on this group hug!

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47 minutes ago, dbams said:

Oma, we have had an offer for backing already, so the fat quarters are not needed. 

So glad you are feeling better and able to participate!

It will be my "get your butt back in your room and start sewing again" push to get me sewing again.

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You guys are GREAT!!!!!  I'm in for a couple blocks.  Oma great to have you back, not get sewing!  Rita will be over the top, she is a loving lady who appreciates everything.  My heart is dancing.  I believe in prayer and love, so if you can't make any blocks right now because of life, we understand.  Prayers and hugs are healing and appreciated too.  I'm hoping to get my blocks in the mail by Monday.  Thank you for the block link it's great!

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