SOLD! - USED paper PANTOGRAPHS for sale! Less than half price!

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My sister upgraded to CompuQuilter many years ago and I thought she'd sold all her paper patterns. When cleaning out her condo this week I came across a large bag of patterns! (Among many other things.)

28 patterns, all very good designs. $195 for all 28 includes free Priority Mail shipping. That's $7 each and free shipping.

Small Fleurs (Dave Hudson) drawn out in two rows
Whirlygig Small (Jodi Beamish) 2 rows
Whirlygig Large (Jodi Beamish)
2 x Morning Glory Small (Norma Sharp?) drawn out in two rows
Oriental Illusion Small (Norma Sharp) 2 rows
Oriental Illusion (Norma Sharp)
Feather Meandering 14" (Linda Taylor)
Floral Meander 11" (Dave Hudson)
Floral Meander 15" (Dave Hudson)
Falling Leaves 11" (Dave Hudson)
2 x Interlocking Daisy Chain (Bonnie Borseth) 2 rows
Interlocking Medium Meander (Darlene Epp) with registration lines for aligning next row
Interlocking Shooting Stars (Bonnie Borseth)
Interlocking Drifting Leaves (Darlene Epp)
Pansy (?) 2 hand drawn interlocking rows
Starry Night (Dave Hudson?) 2 rows
Daisies & Loops 15" (Sue Schmeiden)
Ink Blot in 2 sizes (Jodi Beamish)
Meandering Hearts (Dave Hudson)
Daisies (?) 2 rows
Butterfly Charm (Lorien Designs)
Butterfly (Keryn Emmerson)
ABC (Dave Hudson)
Formal Garden (Meredith England)
Safari Wholecloth (Judy Lyon)
Liana (Lorien Designs)
Paisley (Norma Sharp)
Oak Morning 8" (Kim Darwin)

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Darlene, do you have any idea where i can find the following OLDER pantograph paper patterns? 

2x Interlocking Daisy Chain by Bonnie Borseth

Interlocking Rose 

Interlocking loops and stars

Interlocking Surpf's up

Interlocking Chantilly Lace

Interlocking Medium Meandering by Darlene Epp


My mother is 82 and has several tops she'd like me to quilt for her.  She loves the patterns I've listed that are older and use less quilting; however, I haven't been able to get my hands on these.  I'd like to find someone who's willing to part with them so I can complete my mom's tops.  I'd be more than happy to pay for these so if you know of anyone who may have these and don't want them, please let me know.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated!


Donna Schmitz



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