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Millie feels like she is hitting a bump

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My 2008 Millie is bumping when I move from front to back. I have checked to make sure it is clearing the carraige. I  have checked the frame and can't find a problem there. It is so significant that it actually vibrates the frame. I just changed out my encoder wheels but we checked that and it even happens when I disengage the encoder wheel. Could my M&M wheels need replacing even if I can't feel anything wrong with them? At my wits end. Anyone else have this happen?

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Virginia, if you just changed out your encoder wheels, it may be that one of the allen screws that hold the encoder wheel on its gold shaft didn't get totally screwed in and is hitting the M&M wheel.  If the bump is just front-to-back, you don't need to worry about the wheels or encoder at the back of the carriage, just look more closely at the wheel/encoder attached to the head axle.

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