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I cannot take credit for these quilts. I bought the quilt tops, I did not piece them. I wish I had. Now Sheri Butler thinks I can sew. Anyway, I mailed these quilt tops to Sheri Butler after I sold my machine. I distinctly told her not to do anything special. I was thinking since I didn't make them, there was no real attachment. There is now!!! So anyway, we are entering these too quilts into UQSM (formerly HMQS).


This one is a vintage quilt. I purchased the top from craigslist. They lady that purchased it had passed away and her husband was selling some of her things.



This one is a baby quilt. I purchased the top from a quilt shop that went out of business in Liberty, MO.



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2 hours ago, Cagey said:

Mary Beth

The look wonderful.  Best of luck in the competition.  


PS;  Sorry to hear about your Garmin engineers.

Thank you. Such a sad situation. A girl that works in my department was in the restaurant when this happened too. She posted to Facebook when it happened that there was a shooter in the place while she was having dinner with some friends. This restaurant is just down the street from the Garmin headquarters. I do not work at headquarters, but that is where all the engineers work, so I did not know these young men. It could have been worse. So thankful to the young man that stepped up. So brave in the face of evil.

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10 hours ago, LisaC said:

They are beautiful; WOW! What treasures. I'll be sure and look for them at UQSM and snap some photos for you.

That would be awesome. I was thinking of going, but probably will not make it. To see them hanging in the show would make my day....but it will really make Sheri's day.

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27 minutes ago, tootsquilts said:

Oh my goodness Mary Beth, those are so beautiful.     I can never run across a buy like that anywhere.  Sheri did a beautiful job on the quilting as well.  Wishing you lots of luck at UQSM.

Thank you. I found the antique top on Craigslist. The lady that had originally purchased it had passed away. She was a hand quilter and her husband was selling some of the projects she had not done yet and one that was in process. I think I gave $40 for this top. I loved it. Yes, Sheri did an exceptional job. I entered in the Kansas City Region Quilt Festival the last time it was here, and it won 3 place. She did not want me to enter because she didn't think it was good enough. So, that is your lesson for the day. Stop being so hard on yourselves and your quilting. You all are rock stars!!

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Mary Beth, your a sweetie.  Love my lesson, it does make me think about being too hard on myself sometimes, as I am way too hard on myself with my quilting.  It is never good enough and of course I know it not good enough.  I don't quilt for the public anymore, so I am not as concerned as I use to be about every little thing being perfect, which it never was, but it passed most of the time.

Thanks again for the lesson and congratulations on winning 3 place with your quilt.  I think that is fantastic.

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