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It's an APQS thing.  I have a Liberty and she beeps while I'm quilting.  Drove me crazy at first, but then you get used to it and never notice it. 


Serendipity: The discovery of something wonderful quite by accident while looking for something quite different.

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yes my lucey beeps when the stitch regulator is on.....recently I quilted a bit at a showroom near me on one of the newer machines where they did something so they don't beep and I found I missed the beeping.....strange....but I did.....I kept thinking that it was't on or something was you do get used to that beep and find it comforting  or at least I did....well, I may be strange.....I miss the old deep throat-ed fog horn we used to have....taken out because of newer technology and silly people complaining about the we have wild concerts in the bayfront park....I miss the foghorn....the wild music not so much.......

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